Our Partnership with Families

Warm mutually respectful relationships between educators and families are essential to providing a good quality early learning program. The information we share benefits the children, the families and us as educators. This sharing is the basis for developing a true partnership between yourself and the service which we believe will benefit your childs experience at RSK.

While we realise that families often have work, study, younger children and or may have limited time – they still may want to become involved in the service. Some suggestions of ways you can participate in the operation of the service include:

  • joining our Committee of Management or volunteer as a Group Representative
  • contributing to the newsletter
  • offering some special music or songs in your home language for the children
  • sharing your special talent or interest with the children (for example baking, bathing a baby, yoga, art projects, working on our produce garden or playing an instrument)
  • reading a story in your home language and teaching basic words
  • participating in the program and learning activities through kinder duty
  • participating in community events offered by the service
  • collecting recycled or donating materials from home for the children to use

Whether or not you participate in activities at the service, we want to have a partnership with you. The most important contribution you can make is to share your thoughts, ideas, any concerns about your child, their development and learning. Share with us what matters to you in your child rearing and what you hope for in your childs experience in the program.

We want to know what you want for your child, what you think is important for your child to thrive. Working together, we can give children a great kindergarten experience.

Management welcomes your feedback, ideas and looks forward to working with you.

How We Communicate With Families

Information boards are located in the foyer of the service. From time to time, the Committee of Management plans social functions. Notices of these and other upcoming events are posted and sent via email.

Updates, newsletters, receipts and any information for you to read or keep will be sent to you via email. A pocket will be designated for your family in the foyer.

An electronic or hard copy newsletter is distributed to families on a regular basis. It has information about the service, policies, programs, upcoming events, news, recipes and various articles about childrens learning, health and development. Families are welcome to suggest newsletter articles, information, recipes and or stories.

While all educators will use a variety of ways to communicate with you, the most important communication is the face to face at drop off and pickup times. Although those are busy times and it wont always be possible to have extended conversations, our educators will make every effort to talk with you about your child. Meetings can be setup at any time throughout the year.

Kinder Duty

Participating in kinder duty is an excellent way to observe your child at play and experience a day with us. Families come away with a practical understanding of the learning environment, knowledge about their child peers and a sense of satisfaction in contributing to the running of an early years program. Families and children find the experience equally as enjoyable – theres nothing better for children than to have a significant adult at kindergarten!

During terms 2-4, at the beginning of each term, our educators display a roster for families to book suitable dates to perform kinder duty. Families are encouraged to volunteer for kinder duty throughout the year. Siblings/toddlers are most welcome to accompany you on these days, but their supervision is your responsibility. Extended family members and special friends are welcome too.

Working Bees

Working bees are essential for the general maintenance of the kindergarten and once again their success is dependant on the enthusiastic participation of families. The council has passed much of the responsibility for kindergarten maintenance to the Committee of Management.

As early childhood professionals we are committed to ensuring that children play in quality natural outdoor environments. Such environments should promote a sense of wonder with the natural world and offer children the opportunity for open ended exploration, discovery and learning through a multitude of lenses. Our outdoor classrooms also allows us to promote sustainability through natural play spaces that inspire inquisition and curiosity.

Working bees are held approximately twice a year and duties undertaken typically include: painting equipment, sanding and varnishing equipment, repairs, window cleaning, general cleaning and gardening.

All families/carers are expected to participate in at least 1 working bee a year (which equates to approximately 4 hours of work). During our family working bee children are able to use the equipment and benefit equally from a well maintained kindergarten.


Fundraising plays a very important part of kindergarten prosperity and we are very passionate at Robina Scott about making a significant contribution for the benefit of our children. The fundraising team is comprised of families who volunteers their time and skills into the many exciting fundraising activities throughout the year.

If you have ideas, some spare time, or would like to contribute in some other way, join our fundraising team. You might like to make some suggestions, volunteer for one-off projects, or be a more permanent part of a creative group. If this sounds like you then please contact RSK admin for the next group catch up.