Our History

In 1934 the Mayoress of Williamstown Mrs J T Gray, with the support of local members of the community, including Mrs Robina Scott, met and laid plans to open a free kindergarten in Williamstown. The group managed to obtain the use of a hall at the St Andrews Church in Cecil Street, Williamstown, from where the kindergarten began.

When the Williamstown Free Kindergarten opened in 1934 it was only small and catered for up to 36 children in one single room. Construction of the kindergartens own building commenced at the current Ferguson Street site in 1952, following the donation of land by local chemist, Mrs Muster, to the Williamstown Council on the condition it be used for a kindergarten. In December 1953 the new kindergarten was opened and catered for up to 90 children a year.

In 1966 the Williamstown Free Kindergarten Committee renamed the centre Robina Scott Kindergarten in honour of Mrs Robina Scott who acted as its honorary secretary for 34 years and was a driving force behind the kindergartens foundation.

Robina Scott Kindergarten was incorporated in 1986, and in August 1995 a brand new, single unit kindergarten building opened. In April 1998 a second room was added, along with a Maternal and Child Health Centre.

From its humble beginnings in the St Andrews Church Hall, Robina Scott Kindergarten has grown to become one of the largest community kindergartens in Victoria. It operates as a multi-unit centre and currently educates 135 children in its 4 year old kindergarten programs.