Our Philosophy

Educational Philosophy  

At Robina Scott Kindergarten we believe the first few years of early education are fundamental in preparing a child with the skills necessary to become a lifelong learner.

We aim to guide each individual child to discover their own full potential. Most importantly, to nurture each individual’s characteristics of resilience, joy, creativity, respect and confidence to belong and to be able to share their own world.

Throughout this journey, we aim to develop an environment of positive and trusting relationships, which we believe underpins the foundations for a desire to learn.

Our Principles

  • We believe in the educational and developmental power of a play based, natural environment and emergent curriculum;
  • All children are capable, curious and competent learners with the freedom to express their ideas within a safe environment;
  • We believe in developing the whole child – nurturing the child’s inner self through an independent mind, a health body and their understanding of their place in a sustainable world;
  • Individuality is celebrated and it is what each individual beings to the group that enhances and strengthens our learning community;
  • We provide a culturally diverse and inclusive environment that recognises and respects a multi-cultural perspective and the traditional owners of the land;
  • We believe in allowing children time and space to discover, explore and investigate at the individual pace and level;
  • We encourage self-esteem, understanding and respect for others and for the world around us; and
  • We value and encourage collaborative partnerships with families, children and educators in order to provide a welcoming, nurturing, challenging and inspiring environment that promotes a desire to learn and grow. We support these interactions to enrich children’s learning experiences.


  • Believe in a holistic approach to learning whereby children are active participants in their own learning, whose voices are heard and respected;
  • We believe in creating stimulating and responsive environments, that offer flexible, play based experiences which hare both planned (intentional), and spontaneous, including many open-ended inquiry based projects. These are underpinned by reflective practices, designed to engage children’s learning, interests and development;
  • We believe in a collaborative engagement between children, families, educators and the Committee of Management; encouraging communication, participation and co-operation at al levels;
  • We are committed to extending our own knowledge and that of our team through internal and external Professional Development;
  • We believe that the children’s emergent learning and development outcomes should foster children to achieve. This is strongly influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Framework (NQF);
  • We are committed to being active in meeting the quality standards and practices of the NQF. We aim to take our service from “‘exceeding'” to ‘”excellent”;
  • We acknowledge and commit to enhancing the rich history of Robina Scott Kindergarten as we continue to be active participants in the local community.