National Quality Framework

We are very pleased to announce that Robina Scot Kindergarten received an overall rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard, in August, 2018.

Robina Scott Kindergarten was assessed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development under the National Quality Framework.

The ratings were determined by assessing our performance against 58 standards in seven quality areas outlined in the National Quality Standard (NQS). Each of the seven quality areas were assessed separately.

QA 1 – Educational program and practice: 
QA 2 – Children’s health and safety:
QA 3 – Physical environment: 
QA 4 – Staffing arrangements: 
QA 5 – Relationships with children: 
QA 6 – Collaborative partnerships with families and communities: 
QA 7 – Leadership and service management:

For further details of the National Quality Framework, please view:

Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) details our commitment to continuous improvement. This QIP is available for viewing in our Foyer.